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Human Rights For All

When I write I write to all but never for all. I can’t. I am a white woman, so I cannot write for a person of another color. When I write I direct a lot of what I say to white people because we are the ones with the privilege (scroll down for more info on that). As a white person I want others to see what our race has and continues to do. I’m also a very spiritual person not religious, so I will talk about the divine, how we are all connect all one on a spiritual level. I want to hear from all people. Your stories, your struggle, your ideas, your insight. All races all genders. I say race, people of color, black and brown, white, so if that offends you sorry. But I believe there is only one race, the human race. Here is a place for ppl who believe in human rights. Who believe in we the people. We may not all agree on everything but respect that. We as humans sometimes have a hard time with accepting and respect others. Our “egos” get in the way. We want everyone to agree with us, but that is not possible. As I write this I think about the hate going on around this country. I feel sad that it continues to this day. I feel bad that there continues to be so much racism and double standards. I feel bad, yes, but that is not guilt. Not guilt u ask. No not feeling guilty. See when one expresses feeling guilty they tend to put the burden of it being okay on another person. I will not do that. I feel sad, bad, discussed, angry about it, but these feeling do not place a burden on someone to tell me it’s “okay”, when it really is not okay. We have to understand that racism is still a large part of this country and begin to stand up for one another. Now this means putting your big girl panties on (sorry guys as a female it’s what I say). By this I mean do not be offended when your yours race (white ppl) are talked about in anger. Gasp you say, why not, because you cannot take it personal. It was white people who had slaves, white people who, had rights and agreed with segregation. White people who killed black people and were never brought to justice. It is white people who have white privileges to this day. White privileges does not mean privilege in the sense of not being poor, not struggling. It is something we as white people have over people of color. This will be discussed more later. This is an overview really. Don’t be offended by this okay, for if you really are for human rights and anti racist you need to understand this. We are all human, brothers and sisters, all connected and part of the divine.

Hello all

Human rights for all is just about what is says. I’ll post about many things on here. Respect is needed by all who comment. I believe we continue to live in a racist, white privileged society. Oh and before you write a comment know I am white. White woman from Alabama, and anti racist. I’m just getting started. This blog is my opinion, but know I’m well read and I talk to people as well. Their stories of racism will be told in their words. Average people who experience it. Also how I see racism experienced by people. White people seem to assume because I’m white I’m either prejudice or racist like them. I’m not. More on all of this later.